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UH CS Bold Malacite

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15.3 Black Tobiano Pintabian Stallion (1998)
MR# 213

Stable Name: Skylar
Disciplines: Halter, Western, Dressage, Hunter, Eventing & Endurance

**Registered AHA Stallion**

*CR Bold Flirtations*

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Bold Eagle
CS Bold Malacite
Cameos Jewel


Training Level Eventing Reserve Champion (CM Fall Fest)
Champion Partbred Stallion (AHR Region 1 Summer Classic)
Champion Partbred Most Classic (AHR Region 1 Summer Classic)
Open Gender/Breed Champion (LH Arabian Horse Speciality)
Other Breed Age Reserve Champion (SBC Cornhusk Event)
Champion Pintabian (Crestwood Halter Classic)
Champion Foal (Razzle Dazzle Arabian Event)
Halter-Breed/Pintabian Champion (April Foolery Gala)
Age Division Reserve Champion
Intermediate Eventing/Conformation Halter Class Reserve Champion
7y/o Stallions Reserve Champion
3 Related Mares/Stallions-Siblings Division Reserve Champion (Winter Family Event) 
Miscellaneous Division Champion - with CR Bold Flirtations (Golden Gate Arabian Show)


~Record Prior to Purchase~

<Earnings> $0
*Inherited* (314 pts)
*PCEC Summer Halter Show* (12 pts)
*ES Equine Progeny Show* (10 pts)
*Razzle Dazzle Arabian Event* (25 pts)
*Fallen Tide's Young 'Uns Show* (10 pts)
*SBC Cornhusk Event* (39 pts)
*Crestwood Halter Classic* (24 pts)
*WP Intro Show* (37 pts)
*Autumn Glory Classic* (23 pts)
*MLS Rainy Day Show* (23 pts)
*Kingwood Summer Event #1* (16 pts)
*AHR Summer Schooling Show* (10 pts)
*LH Arabian Horse Specialty* (52 pts)
*Kingwood Summer Event #2* (22 pts)
*AHR Region 1 Summer Classic* (68 pts)
*Summer & Autumn Jumper Series #2* (4 pts)
*WP Re-Opening Show* (33 pts)
*ACR College Classes* (35 pts)
*KR Ultimate Halter Event - Pre. Accept.* (0 pts)
*CM Fall Fest* (50 pts)
*GFS Dressage Show - 6/28/04* (7 pts)
*GFS 3-Day Event* (2 pts)
*WP Simply Fun Show* (63 pts)
*Vintage Opening Dressage Event* (23 pts)
*Oktober Fest* (15 pts)
*Kingwood Summer Event #4* (16 pts)
*Winter Fun & Games Show* (90 pts)
*December Havoc* (16 pts)
*CM New Year Show* (7 pts)
*February Eventing Series #1* (16 pts)
*January Madness* (11 pts)
*Valentine's Fun* (89 pts)
*February Eventing Series #2* (5 pts)
*February Frenzy* (94 pts)
*ID Arabian Halter/Endurance Event* (27 pts)
*February Eventing Series #3* (6 pts)
*March Monopoly* (32 pts)
*April Showers Halter Event* (6 pts)
*CS Inc's Dressage Show* (6 pts)
*April Foolery Gala* (79 pts)
*Spring Halter Event* (39 pts)
*CM Stallion Event* (69 pts)
*Splish Splash Halter* (19 pts)
*WP Bred Horse Halter Event* (30 pts)
*Red, White & Blue Fun & Games* (85 pts)
*Well Rounded Show* (23 pts)
*GFS Hunter Show* (14 pts)
*Fortunate Son Hunterpace/Marathon* (3 pts)
*Shake Your Pants Off* (12 pts)
*CV Endurance Races* (4 pts)
*Katie's B-Day Show* (60 pts)
*Hot August Halter Show* (27 pts)
*Sunburn Summer Show* (28 pts)
*Way Too Hot and Buggy HM* (2 pts)
*DAES Re-Opening Show* (21 pts)
*Git Down 'n Partay Show* (8 pts)
*WP School's In H/M* (2 pts)
*October Stallion Show* (26 pts)
*Fall Extravaganza* (8 pts)
*Oktober Fest - 2nd Annual* (27 pts)
*GS Lollapalooza* (39 pts)
*FTB Arabian Horse Speciality* (71 pts)
*WP 2nd Annual Haunterpace/Marathon* (8 pts)
*Kingwood's Spooky Event* (18 pts)
*November Eventings Trials* (30 pts)
*Buckeye* (5 pts)
*Hallowicked Halter Evening* (21 pts)
*MLS Jack O' Lantern Event* (23 pts)
*Lissa's First Show* (56 pts)
*Turkey Pace - 2nd Annual* (8 pts)
*Show Me Blue Series I* (28 pts)
*Happy B-Day Shirley Show* (66 pts)
*Sara's Super-Sweet 22 Show* (27 pts)
*18th B-Day Halterfest* (22 pts)
*Woodcreek Christmas Bash* (28 pts)
*Let It Snow H/M* (1 pt)
*CR Somethin 4 Every1* (41 pts)
*Silver Eagle Estate's Opening Show* (16 pts)
*AA Colour & Breeds Show* (13 pts)

~Showing with Cheyenne River~

*CBA Opening Event* (24 pts)
*Winter Family Event* (28 pts)
*CR's Halter Extreme* (50 pts)
*For I Am Drunk* (8 pts)
*AA Big January Show* (51 pts)
*Cheyenne River's Somethin 4 Every1 #2* (71 pts)
*AA Arabian Feature Show* (46 pts)
*Golden Gate Arabian Show* (54 pts)
*ESHJA's First Show* (27 pts)

Total = 2,804 points


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