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Western Horse Association


Welcome to the Western Horse Association
Our mission is to highlight the elite competitors of all aspects of the Western Discipline & reward the efforts of owners & trainers alike

The Western Association was established to showcase Equine Sense's ultimate competitors in the Western Discipline.

The WHA will be hosting Western Events on a monthly basis, more regularly if we are as successful as we hope to be. Show titles awarded will be coveted as they will boost point tallies measurably. Keep an eye on the Forum for details.

We have many plans in the works, including WHA Titles in all Western Sub Divisions as well the prestigious titles such as Western Horse Of The Year.
We hope to encourage the breeding of registered horses with the addition of a Stud Book and Appendix Stud Book in the near future.
**See Rules and Regulations page for details.
If you have any questions or comments about The WHA, please contact me

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